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My wife is aware we have been in an open relationship for 5 yrs and it's been best.

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Who ever heard of a hairy baby? One of my friends just recently had a baby girl.

Little Abbi came a month early, so she only weighs around 5 pounds, but she is beautiful. She is small, tightly wrapped in a nursery blanket, head covered with a pink hat.

But Abbi is not the hairy baby I am talking. That baby was Esau.

Esau comes out red and hairy, and his twin, Jacob, is born smooth and small. Is it any wonder that Rebekah had a preference? It was a classic case of favorites: Dad loved Esau and Mom loved Jacob.

I feel sorry for the Hookups for Rochester family. Playing favorites is unfortunately all too common in families. Parents might lean towards—or away from—the kids who are most like themselves.

But how should children deal with favorite-choosing parents, teachers, or pastors? In one word: Love.

We are called to love, regardless of our circumstances.